Lincoln Environmental Action Plan Comments

The Mayor’s Environmental Task Force, Cleaner Greener Lincoln has been working on developing the Lincoln Environmental Action Plan for 2017-2018. You can review and comment on the plan here. We encourage you to make your voice heard in support of the plan, or with your concerns. Please keep your comments respectful and constructive. Thank you.

Penny Costello submitted the following comments on behalf on FWP.

“First of all, thank you for the dedication to Lincoln’s quality of life and a healthy future for its citizens. I love the concept of the triple bottom line for businesses. It will take a concerted collaborative effort by citizens and businesses to sustain the quality of life into the future.

While I understand the need for focus and an achievable, measurable list of strategies and action plans, I am concerned about the exclusion of the value of open spaces in the land use portion of the plan. Open spaces in and around Lincoln like Wilderness Park, the Salt Creek Wetlands, and city parks provide critical components to meeting the challenges involved in climate change and water quality. The carbon sequestration of the grasses and trees help mitigate the build-up of greenhouse gases and improve our air quality. Open land provides critical, natural filtration for rainwater, helping to clear it of pollutants absorbed from the air. These open spaces also provide habitat for wildlife that is increasingly displaced by Lincoln’s growth and development in all directions. These species also play a vital role in maintaining the balance and health of our ecosystems.

The current environmental action plan puts forth some very progressive strategies. These strategies will be even more impactful when we implement them in partnership with natural processes that have evolved over millennia to sustain our environment, rather than in isolation from them.

As president of Friends of Wilderness Park, I am happy to offer any assistance or collaboration we can provide to further the aims of the Lincoln Environmental Action Plan. Thank you for your efforts, and please feel free to contact me anytime.”

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